8M Media & Communications, the business specialists helping you harness the power of the media.

8M provides solutions to media and communication issues at an individual and corporate level.

An integrated and creative approach aimed at improving performance through:

Change Management - Improve your success rate in achieving long lasting and effective change. Strategic advice on how to communicate change to key stakeholders, investors and employees.

Strategic Marketing - Increase revenue, market share and company profile with a well focussed and innovative marketing plan.

Media Strategy and Management - Developing long term and effective relationships with the media. Identifying and recommending target audiences and the best channels of communication. Designing and implementing creative media strategies for maximum impact. Writing, producing and distributing effective press and video media releases.

Issues and Crisis Management - Managing a crisis or an issue out of control. Developing crisis and risk management plans to minimise damage to your organisation from the internal and external perspective.

  Benchmarking - What are your future communication needs and how does this compare to present activities? How do you rate against competitors? Includes a communications audit, gap analysis and recommendations to improve performance.

Media Training - Understanding how the media works, what makes a story, when to comment and what to say. Managing and improving media performances with practical sessions on effectively getting your message across for print, television and radio interviews.

Communication Training - Improve your effectiveness as a communicator. Personalised coaching and feedback in preparing, planning and delivering persuasive business presentations and other leadership orientated communication skills.

Multi-media and Video Production - Producing, script writing, and directing multi-media and quality video productions. Covers corporate videos through to training and induction presentations. 

Professional Speaker - Enhance your next event with a professional speaker to make it both memorable and successful. As a member of the National Speakers Association of Australia, you are guaranteed an informative and entertaining presentation.

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