Corporate MC Japan Festival Corporate Matsuri Event March 5th 2015 Government House Ballroom

It was great to meet lots of new people at the Japan Matsuri Corporate Event At Government House in Perth. I loved being the Corporate MC and the “Kagami-biraki” ceremony (pictured).

Kagami-biraki is a ceremony performed at celebratory events in which the lid of the sake barrel is broken open by a wooden mallet and the sake is served to everyone present.

Kagami refers to the lid of the sake barrel and biraki means “to open” so kagami-biraki literally means “opening the lid.”

Because of the lid’s round shape, the kagami is a symbol of harmony. The kagami-biraki, therefore, represents an opening to harmony and good fortune.

Corporate MC for the second Japan Festival Corporate Matsuri Event

Client Testimonial

“Thanks again for last night. Excellent MC work. You were highly professional and a delivered a great result. Client obviously very pleased. 

Chris Bennett
Spirit Events and Entertainment

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