Eight Tips from 18 Years As A Professional Speaker On Keeping Your Pipeline of Work Full

I was recently asked by the National Speakers Association of Australia, WA Chapter to present on “tips from the trenches” and then take part in a panel centred around how to keep your speaking/training diary full. 

After 18 years as a full time professional speaker, here are my eight tips:

1. Mastery

Get good at speaking. I remember early in my career I would aim for three speeches a day. 
One to a breakfast service group such as Rotary, a networking lunch group and then run a three hour seminar at night.

The sheer practice and volume of speeches made me a better speaker. I also learnt how to manage energy levels.

2. Marketing

Build a tribe of followers.

These are the three S’s of successful speaker marketing:

Subscriber permission-based email newsletter.
Social Media Marketing

3. Money

Watch your cash outflow.

As Patricia Fripp says “it’s not how much you earn but how much you keep.”

Don’t give up your day job! Be aware of lumpy cash flow. 

4. Multiple Streams of Income

Leverage into multiple income streams.

This could be speaking coaching, consulting or mentoring.

This will help with lumpy cash flow.

5. Metrics

Test and measure everything.

6. Mechanics

Systemise everything.

Outsource low value work.

If you took out personal effort what would you have?

Is your business scalable and global?

7. Mentor

Get a mentor, collaborate and join a mastermind group.

8. Murphy’s Law

Expect and plan for the unexepected.

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong at some stage!

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