High Viz for Small Biz
Mastermind Group

8M Media & Communications has a new and innovative way to attract, win and retain even more profitable customers. It positions you for profit and profile by using a MasterMind format, personal mentoring and a 1-page Goals Plan to maximise your chance of success.

What High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind Is

Every business owner, accountant, lawyer, engineer, designer, coach, consultant, speaker, author or professional knows that while running your own business or selling your time for money can be rewarding, it is also very challenging.

On a daily basis you face problems and issues that need to be resolved. Like how to attract, win and retain even more profitable customers? How to leverage your expertise? How to raise your profile and visibility? How to achieve your goals and ideas?

The personal, emotional and financial cost can sometimes be enormous and we are often left to find solutions to these problems on our own. It can be lonely and exhausting.

We want entrepreneurs, small business owners and experts who…

  1. Have a desire to build their businesses;
  2. Are prepared to share their experiences and knowledge; and
  3. Are committed to growth and development.

My business simply exists today because of Tom and this program and I recognise him as an authority in the field of business planning, marketing and professional speaking. I would not hesitate in recommending ‘High Viz for Small Biz’ or any of Tom’s coaching or speaking programs for new and existing business owners. Chris Smoje, Founder/Director of DIME™ Customer Service

How High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind Works

  • Join a small group of people in a peer-sharing and one on one mentor program where professionals and experts learn from others, with a 1-page goals plan to guide you.

  • Each Action Learning Group will comprise of up to 10 participants – business owners, experts and professionals from non-competing businesses.

  • You will meet monthly for three hours to discuss and find solutions to your problems around branding, positioning, marketing, PR, sales, distribution, networking, public speaking, writing and social media. The program is unlimited, but has minimum sign-up periods.

  • Challenge yourself to get advice on your toughest problems, whilst you develop a 1-page marketing goals plan with the help of one-on-one mentoring for two hours a month.

  • During each session, all participants will have an opportunity to share a problem. The group will then use its combined experience to identify possible solutions and create an action plan for the business owner. Imagine 10 other experts sharing their experience with you. This really is a powerful opportunity to get practical and lasting solutions.

  • Thomas Murrell from 8M Media & Communications, an experienced facilitator, mentor and marketing advisor will facilitate the sessions. His role will be to make sure that you get value from the sessions and that group members actively and productively work on their problems.

  • The Action Learning process will help you generate actions to resolve your own specific positioning and marketing issues, while also providing you with an opportunity to learn from the process of actively helping others.

Benefits of Joining
High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind

This innovative program is based on our experience and research into how to attract, win and retain even more profitable customers. Here are just a few of the reasons you should attend…

Benefit from the collective experience of up to 10 other experts

Learn “how” to approach problems in order to find the best solution for you.

Solve long-standing problems

Learn about all aspects of business by finding solutions to many business problems – some of them yours!

Develop a peer support network that can help beyond the program

Implement “real” change in your business and have an “accountability buddy”

Personalised and customised one-page marketing plan to guide your efforts (Valued at $5,000)

Two hours a month personalised one on one mentoring (Valued at $660/month).