Launch of High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind Thursday February 26th 2015

Delighted to have launched my new High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind on Thursday February 26th 2015.

Here is the video.

Here is my Powerpoint and application forms.

Here is the media release:

     Media Release                                                                                 26/2/2015
New Thought Leadership Marketing Mastermind
Perth-based International Business speaker, author and consultant Thomas Murrell of 8M Media and Communications has launched Western Australia’s first thought leadership marketing program.
The unique mastermind concept “High Viz for Small Biz” is aimed at consultants, coaches and experts who want to grow their practices.
“The program is aimed at anyone who sells their brain for money to solve complex problems; this could be accountants, lawyers, engineers, coaches, consultants or small business owners,” Mr Murrell said.
The program features a mix of one on one mentoring, group problem solving and the development of individual action plans.
“Over the past 18 years of being in business myself, I’ve developed some unique intellectual property and methodology based on the emerging and newly established field of thought leadership marketing and I believe there is a massive opportunity for professionals in Perth to embrace this concept,” Mr Murrell said.
Mr Murrell believes traditional approaches to marketing within the professional services sector are being disrupted because of technology and social media.
“With social media anyone can position themselves as an expert or authority within a niche and we’re seeing the emergence of specialty consultants in a whole range of areas, the key challenge now is how to build your practice to ensure a regular pipeline of work,” Mr Murrell said.
The program is specifically designed to stimulate business growth, sales and referrals using non-traditional methods and instead uses a thought leadership marketing model to create visibility and credibility and ultimately profitability for small business owners.
“High Viz for Small Biz has received a very positive response when I beta tested it with a trial group and I’m looking forward to the commercial roll out of the program,” Mr Murrell said.
Successful applicants will need to have a turn-over of a million dollars or less and a desire to grow well beyond this figure.
The program costs $800 per month for a minimum sign-up of three months.
“This is very competitively priced in the marketplace for what mastermind members get and I give a full money back guarantee if they are unable to increase revenue by this amount per month,” Mr Murrell said.

Here is my Powerpoint and application forms.

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