The Experiment – New Business Germinator

What is ‘The Experiment’!
The Experiment is a union of entrepreneurial minds, each committed to leading a new era of profitable, ethical, sustainable international businesses.
The Experiment participants are successful entrepreneurs looking for their next ventures and see huge potential in building businesses that take advantage of disruptive technologies, especially those addressing the world’s sustainability challenges.
These Entrepreneurs are excited about the competitive advantage they have over governments and ‘Big Business’. They think big, can mobilize quickly and transcend where established bureaucratic organisations cannot. Their visions do not get compromised in favour of delivering immediate shareholder return. Experienced, but flexible minds that have the resources to mobilize quickly to capitalise on opportunities.
The Experiment participants are committed to replicating the model. They know that, to change the direction the world is headed, they need to grow the concept and spread the culture. There are plenty of business opportunities to share around. They are the founders of this new entrepreneurial culture.
 The Start!
The Experiment is commencing on 19 March 2015 in Perth, Western Australia.
A group of ‘entrepreneurs’ will be invited to participate in the in initial ‘Experiment’ session fortnightly over a six-month period.
The initial Experiment program will be following a draft template however will be, by its very nature, dynamic and evolving. Future programs will always be set in such a way as to allow on going ‘fine tuning’, adaptation, and evolution.
The success (or not!) of The Experiment will be judged on the number of actual Business Entities put together. These entities will then be monitored monthly on an on going basis and reported in a central web portal. 
I’m very pleased to be one of the facilitators.

If you are looking for an experienced facilitator for your next strategic planning session, inquire here.

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