Three Rules of Investor Pitches for Start-Ups

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor Adeo Ressi (pictured) has probably heard more start-up investor pitches than anyone else on the planet. 
He is best known as the founder and CEO of The Founder Institute, a startup incubator and entrepreneur training program headquartered in Palo Alto, California which has expanded to more than 80 cities and 40 nations worldwide. 
The goal of the institute is to combat start-up failure, “globalize Silicon Valley”, to help entrepreneurs create better businesses and to understand the ingredients for a successful entrepreneur.
He also founded Expansive Ventures in 2014, an investment firm that works closely with mentors from The Founder Institute. 
He received a standing ovation from a recent one day start-up workshop in Sydney.
Here are his three golden rules for investor pitches.
1. The Team
He believes the team of people behind a venture must have conviction, stamina, experience, understanding and trust.
2. The Market
This section of a pitch needs to describe scale, potential, optionality – where you pursue other models for different revenue streams if the primary option fails, and competition.
3. The Traction
Here key elements are fast growth of 10 per cent or more month after month, focused KPI’s, and becoming large and aggressive.
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