Leading with Authority and Influence
Public Seminar Series

Our open public workshop series for aspiring and experienced leaders teaches you the most critical skills to advance your career, build your business, enhance your professional profile and drive transformational change.

The program draws on leading edge thinking to give you greater confidence and resilience to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles in your leadership and business journey.

Participants will benefit from:

  • Strengthened reputation through credibility building activities
  • Greater visibility from profile raising in traditional and social media platforms
  • Better outcomes through well-structured and articulated messages
  • Skills transfer through new learning, interactive exercises and follow-up coaching and education

All programs are delivered by international business speaker, author and company director, Thomas Murrell MBA CSP.

There are four programs:

Media Influence and Visibility – Winning the Media Game to Ace Media Interviews

Presentation and Speaking Skills – The Powerful and Persuasive Presenter

Content Writing and Media Releases – Leverage The Power of the Written Word

Social Media for Leaders and Influencers – Using Social Media to Build Credibility, Trust and Visibility

Media Influence and Visibility
Winning the Media Game One Day Seminar

Increase your visibility, your credibility and your profitability by becoming media savvy! Stay on message.

This one-day interactive media-training workshop will give you more confidence in dealing with the media. You will be put under the media spotlight by an experienced professional and get feedback on your radio and TV presentation performance.

You can discover:

  • How to pitch and present your media message to generate thousands of dollars in free publicity.
  • Simple, effective and low cost strategies to gain media coverage.
  • What makes news and how media decision makers work?
  • Secrets of the Media Savvy.
  • How to perform at your best for print, radio and television interviews.
“The live interviews are a great feature, the seminar was very informative.”Rob Macgregor, Bakewell Foods
“Punchy, Media Savvy… Very Professional… I learnt a lot in a very short time.”Danielle Van Kampen, Office of the Attorney General
“I liked the full interaction with cameras, lights etc”Orrin Neale, Island Engineer, Programmed Facility Management, Rottnest Island

Presentation and Speaking Skills
The Powerful and Persuasive Presenter

Take your public speaking to new heights! Learn the simple yet powerful secrets of building and writing a compelling and persuasive speech? Gain new skills.

This interactive and intensive high level workshop will help you turn a good speech into a great one. Whether you are preparing your wedding speech, speaking to a local charity group or pitching for a multi-million dollar deal this workshop guarantees to overcome your fear and improve your speech building, speech structure and speech writing skills.

You can discover:

  • How to write for impact.
  • How to make a memorable beginning.
  • How to build audience rapport and credibility.
  • Seven strategies for targeting your message.
  • The 14 techniques former US President Bill Clinton uses in his presentations.
“Well paced, good content and excellent delivery.”Meredith Blais, Water Corporation
“Tom took the time to address each person’s needs.”Merveen Cross, Fire and Emergency Services Association of WA
“Overall grasp of what it takes to write engaging speeches.”Peter Knight, BankWest

Content Writing and Media Releases
Leverage The Power of the Written Word

Are your messages reaching their targets? Traditional and Social!

This high-level interactive workshop will show you the secrets of Writing and Pitching WINNING Media Releases, including writing articles and social media posts.

You will discover:

  • How to make your news release and content media friendly.
  • The requirements of different media—radio, TV, print, Internet.
  • How to formulate your media release – get the right angle for the right medium.
  • The 12-step process to writing effective media releases that get published.
  • The seven strategies to target your content with laser-like precision.
  • How to market your message – efficiently and effectively.
  • Understanding the power of content marketing.
“Clear, practical information and usable ideas that will make a positive bottom line improvement.”Patrick Sweeney, Australian Speakers Bureau
“The good interaction and feedback captured my attention.”Jasmine Lamb, Australian Federation of University Women
“The manual provided provides a clear record of the proceedings for me to look back on.”Liz Sideris, WA Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council

Social Media for Leaders and Influencers
Using Social Media to Build Credibility, Trust and Visibility

The power of traditional media is changing in a world of disruption and fragmentation, providing opportunities to generate free PR for your business or venture.

Learn how to build your personal brand and thought leadership influence by taking advantage of globalisation, increased competition and technology driving change across the media landscape.

Discover and learn:

  • The secrets of each social media platform and why they have so much influence
  • How social media builds credibility and visibility
  • How to build your personal brand, image and reputation
  • Why professionals need to be better at personal branding and social media
  • Creating a workable personal branding plan around social media for you, your business or your career.
“Content was good. Manual was good. Ideas from group were good.”Leah Blinkhorn, Edge Employment Solutions
“Tom’s course also includes an interactive portion where we applied what we have learned in a real case scenario.”Argus Tong, Alumni Relations Officer at Singapore Polytechnic
“”Your presentation could not have been better timed. Your use of sporting analogies was very powerful.”Tim Andersen, Ascendance