What Makes a Good Blog

I’m hooked by this blogging as a way of sharing knowledge. I’m now heavily researching what makes a good blog and how it can be applied to business, especially marketing and PR. I’ve been a big fan of Seth Godin … Read More

Internet Sex Search Turns To Business

INTERNET users are doing far fewer searches for sex and pornography and more for e-commerce and business than they were seven years ago, researchers say in a new book. “Twenty per cent of all searching was sex-related back in 1997, … Read More

Three Important Presentation Lessons

Well, a quick post from Changi prior to flying back home. Three lessons from my presentation in Vietnam. 1. Watch what you eat prior. Well, old Murphy popped up in HCM. The night before my presentation I had violent food … Read More

How To Prepare Prior to a Speech

Well, it is the evening before our big International Business Seminar here at the Hotel Equatorial. I’m just waiting until we do a rehearsal. I’ve had a great day meeting with Austrade in HCM and then lunch at a local … Read More

The Ultimate in Brand Penetration

Greetings from Ho Chi Mihn City in Vietnam. One of the things that strikes you about this dynamic, vibrant and friendly city is the huge numbers of motorbikes. They zoom up and down the main streets in their thousands in … Read More

Consumers Buy Brands Because of Trust and Prestige

A quick post from the Pacific Coffee Company in City Walk, Singapore where you get 15 minutes free Internet access with every purchase. I’ve never used a keyboard with so many coffee stains before! I’ve come via this walk to … Read More

Building a Powerful Personal Brand – Your USP

I’ve just returned from a wonderful afternoon at the Sheraton Towers in Singapore presenting to 75 highly motivated delegates (95% women) at the Women’s Leadership Forum. The theme was “Share and Grow” and my topic was personal branding. Now most … Read More

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