The Magic Power of Words

Words are like bullets and they wield enormous power. If you are a leader, manager or coach, what are the most powerful words in the English language?

US Motivational Speaker and Author, Dennis Waitley says the five most important words a leader can speak are: “I am proud of you.”

The four most important are: “What is your opinion?”

The three most important are: “If you please.”

The two most important are: “Thank You.”

And the most important single word of all is: “You!”

(Source:Denis Waitley’s Weekly Ezine, Friday, 15 October 2004)

I heard Denis Waitley speak in Perth on November 21st during his 1994 Australian Tour, have a signed copy of his book The New Dynamics of Winning and still have my original notes and to do list from his seminar nearly 10 years later.

He had a big impact on my success as a young leader managing the world’s largest radio network as Manager of Regional Stations in Western Australia for the ABC.

How can you apply this knowledge to your own situation? Well, everytime you have to give a presentation cross out “I” and put in “you”.

As a senior executive at the ABC, I had a saying for on air presenters who were self-indulgent, ego-centred and failed to connect with their audience. My description was that their “I’s” were too close together!

As a leader, manager or public speaker don’t let this happen to you.

Regards, Tom

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