Three Ways to Build Your Authority By Podcast

Becoming a recognized industry is one of the fastest ways to grow your business, practice or consultancy. 

Once you become the authority and are recognized for it, you own your own niche and this becomes a marketing pull strategy rather than an expensive advertising push campaign.

In short, prospects, clients and customers come begging to you for your products and services. 

By definition, an authority is getting known for what you do, why you do it and how you do it.
This doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort. 
As podcasting expert Jenish Pandya says “you have to continuously work at it so that you can reap the rewards later.”

“There are quite a few things that you need to work upon to be known as the authority be it networking, social media, branding, mindset, online marketing, blogging, speaking, customer service, sales, and a whole lot more.
I had come across podcasts before but never paid much attention till I heard Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker speaking about it at the ProBlogger 2014 conference.
There are quite a few good business podcasts out there such as the Smart Passive Income, Entrepreneur on Fire, School of Greatness and many more but the problem is that most of them are almost an hour long and have heaps of golden nuggets that it becomes really hard to remember and implement them all as well as listen to the whole episode in one seating.
After hearing Pat and Chris along with the other podcasters, the wheels were set in motion at the back of my head and few months ago the idea of “The Key To Authority Podcast” was born.
The podcast is for business professionals, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their authority in their industry.

Each podcast will feature an interview with a business authority discussing one key thing on growing authority followed by an action that you can take to help grow and establish your authority.”
After hearing Jenish speak at an event recently, here are his top three tips on how to build your authority by podcast.

1. Listen to Podcasts

I suggest you start with my own Media Motivators podcast. Listen here via itunes.

There’s a famous saying that the more you learn the more you earn.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to gain more knowledge and hence power.
You can also become more efficient by listening to podcasts while you are exercising, cleaning, cooking or driving the car.
 Why not listen to a podcast as an alternative to watching TV?

2. Be Interviewed on a Podcast

By being interviewed on a podcast you will reach new audiences and will increase your visibility and credibility.

It also enhances your message planning and delivery skills.

Here’s an example of my podcast on public speaking with Jenish.

3. Start a Podcast

Ok this is going to be harder but here are my tips.
Be realistic about how much time you can commit to it.
Use a quality recording device and microphone.
Try and record in one take to minimise editing.
Come up with a catchy title.
Focus on a target audience.
Choose an appropriate format such as Q&A guest interview, recording of live speeches or straight commentary.
Come up with good design and branding.
Share online.
Leverage in audio directories such as itunes, applecarplay, stitcher and spotify.
If you want to enhance your message delivery skills, please consider my Winning the Media Game 1-day media training where we will record an audio podcast plus a TV News style interview with a professional camera crew.
The next date is Tuesday November 10th from 0930am to 430pm. Book here.

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