What is Singapore’s Most Talked About Brand?

What is Singapore’s most talked about brand? Is it Silk Air, Tiger Beer or Great Eastern?

As I walked down CityWalk from Raffles Plaza to SunTech City on my recent visit to Singapore, the beautiful smell of freshly cooked bread wafted out from my left.

My eyes followed my nose as I looked left and through the clear glass saw several bakers in tall cooks hats preparing and cooking bread.

So what was this company and how did this experience help build its brand?

Well for a sheer assault on all senses – including smell and taste – Singapore’s most talked about brand must be BreadTalk.

What makes the BreadTalk brand so successful? Is it the unique see through bakery concept or the clean, well-lit contemporary designed stores, the aroma or those quirky bread names?

High Trust

Well it is a combination of all factors that come together to create a memorable, high trust, and transparent relationship with customers.

“The brand is the amusement park, the product is the souvenir,” is one of William Arruda’s favourite branding quotes from Nick Graham of Joe Boxer.

Listing on the Singapore stock exchange in June 2003, BreadTalk’s growth is now spreading throughout Asia with franchising.

It might be a unique spin on mooncakes but the concept is clearly working.

What makes the brand tangible is the belief that each piece of bread has a story to tell.

And so the brand is built on a story, and people tell stories and storytelling or word of mouth marketing is the fastest way to build a strong, distinctive and valuable brand.



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