Improve Click Through Rates With Great Headlines

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Reflection Reaps Rewards

Time spent on reflection is time wisely invested. Here are 3 questions to consider when reviewing any project: 1. What’s working? 2. What’s not working? 3. What can I improve? Here’s some other questions to consider, especially when reviewing your … Read More

Writing Tips for People in a Hurry

If you spend a lot of time writing eZines, articles, speeches, press releases or brochures here’s some tips: “Describe appearance of product Identify Features (look for complementary and contrasting qualities) Single Out Main Benefit Create your Benefit Statement or Summary … Read More


IS YOUR ORGANISATION PREPARED FOR A CRISIS THIS CHRISTMAS? By Thomas Murrell, MBA CSP, International Business Speaker A crisis, emergency or disaster can happen at anytime and anywhere. Just ask the residents of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. Imagine a … Read More

Is Your Ego Getting in the Way?

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Brand Journalism and Blogging

There is a new way consumers are relating to brands. This is through a blog, allowing direct comments from prospects, customers or clients to a business about its products or services. These comments or running commentary, as communicated via a … Read More

Connect More, Preach Less

Truly effective speakers really connect with their audience rather than preaching to them. Much of the feedback I get from audiences is that I am “authentic” and “genuine”. Is this an innate skill or one that can be learned? I … Read More